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Parent Courses

1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Courses

123 Magic is a simple yet effective behaviour management program for parents and carers of children between 2 and 12 years of age.

It gives parents a simple and structured approach to:

  • Controlling obnoxious behaviour (arguing, whining, fighting, tantrums)
  • Encouraging good behaviour (listening, going to bed, homework)
  • Strenghtening their relationship with their child (praise, active listening, and shared fun).

Emotion Coaching teaches children to identify their emotions and become better at managing them.  This enables them to take more responsibility for their own behaviour.  3 x 2.5hr sessions.

pdf What is 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course?

Parents of 2-12 yo: Starting every few weeks, these courses are tailored to parents of 2-12yo and have a maximum of 16 participants, which allows for more valuable question time.

Parents of 2-5 yo: Exactly the same course as for the 2-12 yo, but more discussion around the younger age group.

‘In House’ Private Courses SAVE $$$: Get a group together and book a course at your venue or ours. A very popular choice with Playgroups, Schools, families, community organisations….they can be tailored to age groups and have 6-40 participants.

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In House 123 Magic and EC Parent Course

Refresher Sessions in 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching: So, you’ve done the course, which is great, but just like we service our car, our parenting needs maintenance also. If you need some help trouble-shooting or fine tuning the program book in for the opportunity to pick the brains of our experts.

Ten Take Home Parenting Tips Seminar – 2hrs

Available In House. Popular with playgroups, P&C’s, P&F’s, schools etc.

Information and Question Time will look at:-

  • Why set limits and boundaries?
  • What is ‘Toggling’?
  • Developing self-regulation in kids
  • Consequences for misbehaviour.
  • Why is modelling so important?
  • Parents as teachers.
  • How much reinforcement is enough?
  • Relationships, relationships, relationships!

Bullying – Don’t Just Stand There

This 2 hr seminar will give you the skills and confidence to deal with bullying in a plain-language, step-by-step approach.

  • 5 easy steps to protect your child from bullying.
  • What to say to your child about bullying.
  • The signs that suggest your child is being bullied.
  • How to talk to your child if he/she is being bullied.
  • 3 things to know to get help from the school.
  • What to say at school to be heard.
  • The roles of the bully, the bullied child, the bystander, the parent, the teacher and the school.

‘In House’ Bullying Seminars Available

Option 1. Large Group – Book a private “In House” seminar for your school, playgroup… and we will come to you chosen venue and run it.  Consisting or 1 x 2 hr session, the workshop can have up to 200 participants with each getting comprehensive notes. Cost on application.

Option 2. Small Group – Book a private ‘In House’ seminar at our Wembley rooms for your playgroup, school, family and friends etc. Open to a maximum of 16 participants, this option allows more time for questions and discussion.  Consists or 1 x 2 hr session. Notes and supper/morning tea included.  Cost on application.

Courses can be tailored to client needs.  Follow up is available via refresher sessions or private consultation.

We will help you with marketing via flyers, scheduling and any other ideas that we have found to be effective.

In House Bullying Parents 2011 Lge & Sml

Protective Behaviours

This workshop will educate and provide parents with the knowledge and practical skills to empower children in regards to their personal safety. It will show parents how to upskill their child with strategies to help them stay safe.  The focus of this ‘life skills’ program is to help prevent child abuse (including sexual abuse), bullying and high risk behaviours from childhood onwards.  Parents will be taught how to raise the issue of personal safety in such a way that doesn’t leave the child feeling scared, anxious or worried. It is also done in a non threatening and non sexual way.

Engaging Adolescents

Parenting skills for resolving teenage behaviour problems

The structure of this course provides parents with a model for working out what behaviour needs to be ignored, how to coach teenagers to consider the consequences of their actions and to hold difficult conversations when agreements are breached. A practical ‘ how-to ‘ guide for parents.

  • Understanding adolescents: a time of reconstructions, redeveloping social landscapes, brain snaps and body make-overs.
  • Understanding your job as parent/carer of a teenager – observer, advisor, negotiator, director.
  • A three-option model for decision making….a ‘drop down’ menu for parents.
  • Working out how NOT to respond in tricky emotional encounters.
  • Building your relationship with your teenager.
  • How to hold difficult conversations more successfully when discussing issues such as internet overuse, sibling conflict, disrespect, truancy, going out, school work, helping out, choice of peers…and much more.

Public Courses for Parents of Adolescents: These courses run regularly and are both informative and practical, catering for groups with 6-30 participants.

‘In House’ Private Courses $$$ SAVE $$$: Get a group together and book a course at your venue or ours. A very popular choice with Schools, family groups, community organisations….they can be tailored to age groups and have 6-40 participants.