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Parenting Courses

7pm WEBINAR 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course – Wed 24th, Mon 29th June & Wed 1st July 2020

To gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to discipline children gently but firmly. That means without the arguing and yelling.

A workshop for parents and carers of children 2 to 12 years. Includes 1 follow up Q&A session via webinar (45mins) 3-4 weeks after session 3.

Presented over 3 sessions via LIVE WEBINAR

cal Date:  Wed 24th, Mon 29th & Wed 1st July 2020

clock Time: 7 - 8.30pm

Cost $160 for up to 2 people.

You will learn:

  • How to parent more consistently.
  • How to set limits without arguing or yelling.
  • How to emotion coach and teach self regulation.
  • How to handle kids testing behaviour.
  • How to show empathy.
  • How to teach and encourage positive behaviour, social skills and independence.
  • How to strengthen the relationship with your child.

Download PDF for details

Price: $160.00

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No Scaredy Cats Parent Course Webinar – Sat 13th, 20th & 27th June 2020

No Scaredy Cats – reducing anxiety and building resilience skills in 2 -12 year old children.  Held over 3 x 90 min sessions

cal Date: Sat 13th, 20th & 27th June 2020

clock Time: 2- 3.30pm

marker Venue: Via live webinar

Parents will learn:

  • An overview of how a well-honed theory of parenting (what you need to repeatedly do) can assist parents to manage children’s worries.
  • Coverage of how some misguided policies are making parents and children more anxious.
  • The brain, including how the pre-frontal middle cortex and the amygdala operate, and where fear and anxiety originates.
  • Commonly misused phrases and cognitive distortions used by children and their peers.
  • A helicopter view of what risks we can allow and which require us to keep children safe.
  • ‘Traps and trip wires’: what to do when a child’s amygdala starts to play-up.
  • Memorable strengthening sayings, questioning.

Cost $160 for 2 people.

Download PDF for details

Price: $160.00

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Private course – 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course

Can't make it to a scheduled course?

We offer the 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course as a private course so you can choose a time and date that suits you and your family.

Held over 2 or 3 sessions (4.5hrs in total) at our rooms in Wembley OR via WEBINAR.  The course can be tailored to your specific concerns.

Fee $150 per hr or $675 in total.

Please contact us on 9285 8100 or info@behaviourtonics.com.au to make an appointment.



Price: $0.00

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Ten Take Home Parenting Tips – In House only

Ten Take Home Parenting Tips Seminar - Available In House

marker Venue: Behaviour Tonics Rooms OR at your venue.

cal Date: By arrangement.

clock Time: By arrangement. 2 hr workshop.

Information and Question Time will look at:-

Why set limits and boundaries?

What is ‘Toggling’?

Developing self-regulation in kids

Consequences for misbehaviour.

Why is modelling so important?

Parents as teachers.

How much reinforcement is enough?

Relationships, relationships, relationships!



Price: $0.00

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Protective Behaviours – Available In House

Protective Behaviours - A workshop for all parents ... to help their kids stay safe.

The focus of this 'life skills' program is to help prevent child abuse (including sexual abuse), participation in high risk behaviours and to teach children how to seek help for issues such as bullying and peer pressure...from childhood onwards.

marker Venue: Behaviour Tonics Rooms OR at your venue.

cal Date: By arrangement.

clock Time: By arrangement. 2 - 3 hr workshop.

Price: $0.00

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Engaging Adolescents Parent Course – Available In House

Engaging Adolescents - Parenting skills for resolving teenage behaviour problems.

cal Date: Held over 2 sessions.

clock Time: By arrangement. Suggested 6.45 to 9.30pm.

marker Venue: At Behaviour Tonics Rooms in Wembley OR at your venue.

Price: $0.00

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