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Tough Conversations For Early Years

Do you have a tough conversation on the horizon?

  • Has one of your staff got a lax attitude to safety and gaps in their professional practice?
  • Do you need to talk to a parent who is regularly late to pick up their child despite a number of warnings?
  • Are you concerned about some development delays of one of the children and after repeated communication with the parents feel it is time to address why they are not acting on it?

Centre directors have a complicated and busy role where they are required to oversee many moving parts of a childcare centre. Having a confronting and often emotional encounter with staff and parents is a necessary part of the job and can be very stressful. Parentshop has created an engaging and challenging course that breaks down the structure of a tough conversation and gives you a simple strategy to prepare before the conversation takes place. We have trained hundreds of centre directors to take back control in a conversation and achieve a positive outcome for all concerned.

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