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Talk Less Listen More for Early Years Educators – ONLINE TRAINING $49pp

Equip staff with the knowledge and skills to effectively guide difficult behaviour and teach self-regulation. Creates a consistent and predictable environment for children and provides a common language for behaviour guidance while improving team work.

For Teachers, Early Years Educators, OSHC educators.


All bookings for ONLINE TRAINING can be made through the Parentshop website.


An easily accessible 6 hour behaviour guidance online course teaching techniques that result in a consistent approach to help children develop more self-control and to respond with more flexibility to frustration and upsetting events. The program draws from attachment theory (how relationships can influence behaviour) and social- learning theory (how children can be taught by those around them about how to self-regulate).
Talk Less Listen More™ methods-based learning is simple, effective and easy to apply in an early years setting.

What's included?

  • 6 modules broken down into theory, demonstration and practical components with an assessment to complete and pass before moving on.
  • Certificate of completion to download and lodge for NESA accreditation.

Lesson framework

  • An overview of behaviour guidance approaches in contemporary Australia.
  • Coverage of contemporary thinking in early childhood development, particularly the differences between adult and children’s cognitive abilities.
  • Sorting behaviours: what’s involved and the implications for how early years educators will respond.
  • Common mistakes in addressing misbehaviour, particularly the problem with too much talk and too much emotion.
  • Processes of pattern-establishment and change: how negative reinforcement works, the characteristics of patterns, how to interrupt patterns and extinction bursts.
  • Response flexibility in early years educators: knowing how to avoid getting ‘hooked’ by children’s negative emotions.
  • Choosing your strategy – the three choices: do nothing, emotion coach or use Talk Less Listen More™.
  • Using Talk Less Listen More™: what it’s used for and what it’s not used for, how it’s done properly, how to implement it at your centre, how to avoid the two biggest mistakes.

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This online training is a proud collaboration between Behaviour Tonics and our partners at Parentshop. All bookings for ONLINE TRAINING can be made through their website.



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