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Talk Less Listen More for Early Years Educators – Sat 20th Feb 2021

Equip staff with the knowledge and skills to effectively guide difficult behaviour and teach self-regulation.  For Teachers, Early Years Educators, OSHC educators.

cal Date: Saturday 20th Feb 2021

clock Time: 9am - 3pm

marker Venue: Behaviour Tonics, 352D Cambridge St, Wembley
No of participants ACA members All others
 1-4 $149 pp $164 pp
 5-10 $119 pp $131 pp
 11-20 $99 pp $109 pp
 21+ $89 pp $98 pp


The easy to use techniques can be taught to all staff, resulting in a consistent approach to help children develop more self-control and to respond more flexibly to frustrates and upsets.  The program draws from attachment theory (how relationships can influence behaviour) and social- learning theory (how children can be taught by those around them about how to self-regulate).  Talk Less Listen More methods-based learning is simple, effective and easy to apply in an early years setting.

What's included?

  • One-day professional training by experts with extensive knowledge and practical experience working with this program.
  • Knowledge and procedures to introduce and implement Talk Less Listen More for Early Years Educators.
  • Participants receive a manual containing course notes and implementation guides.
  • Resources to assist with introducing & implementing the program in the your centre.
  • Participants will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’.
  • E-mail and phone support is available for 6 months after the initial training.

Lesson framework

  • An overview of discipline approaches in contemporary Australia.
  • Coverage of contemporary thinking in early childhood development, particularly the differences between adult and children’s cognitive abilities.
  • Sorting behaviours: what’s involved and the implications for how early years educators will respond.
  • Common mistakes in addressing misbehaviour, particularly the problem with too much talk and too much emotion.
  • Processes of pattern-establishment and change: how negative reinforcement works, the characteristics of patterns, how to interrupt patterns and extinction bursts.
  • Response flexibility in early years educators: knowing how to avoid getting ‘hooked’ by children’s negative emotions.
  • Choosing your strategy – the three choices: do nothing, emotion coach or use Talk Less Listen More.
  • Using Talk Less Listen More: what it’s used for and what it’s not used for, how it’s done properly, how to implement it at your centre, how to avoid the two biggest mistakes.

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