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WEMBLEY 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching in the Classroom – Fri 23rd April 2021

A Course in Classroom Behaviour Management K-Yr7.  Manage and modify your student’s unwanted and disruptive behaviour with this simple method, while at the same time encouraging the behaviours you want to see more of.

cal Date: Fri 23rd April 2021

clock Time: 8.15am - 3.30pm

marker Venue: Behaviour Tonics, 352D Cambridge St, Wembley

The easy to use techniques can be taught to staff which results in a consistent approach to help children develop more self-control and to respond more flexibly to frustrate and upsets.  It has been introduced as a whole school approach to over 100 WA and NT schools with excellent outcomes. Whether implemented in one classroom or across the whole school, the feedback and results obtained from educators are (according to them) very satisfying.

•  Introduction.
• What teachers see and experience.
• Definition of difficult behaviour and some theoretical perspective on how to deal with behaviour.
• Three broad approaches to managing behaviour.
• The ‘little adult’ assumption.
• Recognising and sorting behaviour before choosing the intervention.
• The two biggest mistakes teachers make - too much talking and too much emotion.
• Changing patterns in teacher/student interactions.
• The resistance to change, what to expect and how to manage it.
• Intervening via the 3 choices model.
• Do nothing...about some things.
• Emotion Coaching.
• Counting via a signalling method.
• Practical Steps in getting started.
• Counting in action – some practice.
• Introducing the program to the school community.

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