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About Us

Behaviour Tonics offers child development courses, training and advice to parents, teachers, educators and professionals who work with families and carers.  

Our focus is to help you to build self-regulation in children – and, in turn, improve child behaviour, social skills and relationships.  

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Our Story

Based in Perth WA, Behaviour Tonics, was established in 2003 to help adults manage children's behaviour calmly and effectively... which is great for everyone!

We facilitate this via a range of child development and emotional intelligence training courses (including 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching), as well as private appointments.

Science and proven methodologies form the basis of what we do, however our philosophy is that the most effective self-regulation strategies for kids require a pragmatic and tailored approach.  We understand that every situation is unique and focus on equipping adults with the practical skills they need to tackle the specific challenges they are facing.

How We Can Help

Children need help from grown-ups to learn how to self-regulate their emotions; it is a skill they need to be taught, this is done through co-regulation. As they grow older and mature, this ability to self-regulate will see improvements in their behaviour… it’s a real work in progress.

By drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience, Behaviour Tonics can teach how to help a child manage their emotions, improve their behaviour – and be happier and to do better in life as a result.

Behaviour Tonics can assist with:

  • Difficult or rude behaviour
  • Inconsistent parenting styles
  • Behaviour problems at school
  • Siblings fighting
  • Positive behaviour support
  • Protective behaviours
  • Anxious children
  • Bullying issues
  • Behaviour management for children who are neurodiverse.  
  • And much more…

With our extensive vast experience, we can offer a customised service that is aligned to the specific needs of our clients.  

Specialists in the 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching program we are the only  licensed Practitioner Trainers in WA and the NT that can train teachers, psychologists, social workers counsellors, and child care workers… with over 8000 of them having completed the training with us.  We are also the Practitioner Trainers for the Engaging Adolescents Parenting Program. 

We love to travel, having worked from Esperance to Arnhem Land and everywhere in between.

Our Team

Brad Willams
Educator, Consultant and Dad

Parenting and teaching children are incredibly satisfying. But let’s face it, there are plenty of occasions when children get emotionally upset, or their behaviour gets difficult and we find ourselves sitting in that "uncomfortable space", thinking and worrying about "what should I do?’" and "what shouldn’t I do?"

Science and evidence-based practice forms the foundations of what we do, but I also like to take a very pragmatic approach, to build up the practical skills adults need to support children’s self-regulation and self-control, while also strengthening relationships.

So, I look at it this way: if I can help parents and educators to tolerate their "uncomfortable space" and respond to children’s emotions and behaviour more calmly and effectively, this in turn will teach our children to do the same.

No single approach is the right one for every child, parent, teacher or school. So, I find it very helpful to draw upon both my professional and personal experience to tailor what can be done to help adults to help children.


8 years spent learning and working in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (Nursing), as a member of the highly skilled multi-disciplinary team running the Families at Work Program.

Co-founder & Director of BehaviourTonics (2003) Master Practitioner Trainer & Consultants in the following programs:


I enjoy building awareness and knowledge around parenting, education and mental health. I get to do this all over Australia when invited by organisations, such as Anglicare, Ngala, Save the Children and dozens of schools to give presentations and facilitate workshops.  

A bit about me…

I grew up on beef and dairy farms, milking cows and riding horses. I love travelling and when I was a bit younger (and before kids) I ventured around Australia and overseas for several years, working in mining, crayfishing and even as a deckhand on a super yacht to pay my way.

I’m a husband and a father of 2 boys/young men. We all love the ocean – being in it, on it, around it.

Growing up in the country you develop a strong sense of community, so I am actively involved in ours, via volunteering, coaching sport and supporting organisations with our services pro bono.

Liz Tropiano
Educator, Consultant and Mum

My name is Liz Tropiano.  I began working with Behaviour Tonics in 2012.  

Before Behaviour Tonics…

I started my career working as a Trained Early Years Educator in Childcare caring for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.  After completing my Education Degree at Edith Cowan University, I spent most of my teaching career as an Early Childhood Teacher in rural and remote communities within Western Australia.  I also spent some time teaching in the Perth metro area. During my country service, I had the opportunity to teach children from Kindergarten to Year 9, as well as to work as Deputy Principal and Acting Principal.  

With Behaviour Tonics…

I have been with Behaviour Tonics for over 10 years now, working with parents, teachers and EY &OSHC Educators.  I facilitate education courses in behaviour support and anxiety. I also engage in consultancy and coaching with parents, and I assist our team with administration and marketing.

A bit about me…

I am parent of two wonderful teenage girls, so I have first-hand experience of the bumpy road of parenting.  I started my family in 2007 and have had many opportunities to put into practice those skills and strategies I teach.

I grew up in the hills in Western Australia and after completing my degree, I enjoyed living and working in Wyndham, Kalgoorlie, and Leinster. I love the outback, camping under the stars, and seeing what adventures lie around the corner of those dusty red tracks.  

I have always had a passion for and interest in children’s development and behaviour and my experience in this area has grown from my training, education, the various roles I have had working with children and being a mum.  My passion now is helping relationships flourish in families, classrooms, and care settings by assisting parents and educators to understand, support and guide behaviour and child development.

My belief…

When you get the right support and understanding, your parenting or teaching journey can be a happy and fulfilling one, as you watch your children or students blossom into the incredible people that they are truly are.

Learn More About Behaviour Tonics  

In-Person Training

We deliver face-to-face training that supports child development via emotion coaching for teachers, parents and professionals, through courses, workshops, and consultations.

Our in-person training is available in Perth (and throughout WA) and Darwin (and throughout the NT).  

Online Training

We also offer child development and emotional regulation courses online, via webinars which are available Australia-wide – from Melbourne, to Sydney, to Brisbane and everywhere in between!

For further information on regulating children’s emotions, or to learn more about our range of child growth and development courses and consultancy services, please contact our friendly team today.  

Brad or Liz will be only too pleased to talk you through the various options available and tailor a solution to suit your specific needs.

Who we've worked with

Mosman Park School for the Deaf
Mosaic Early Learning Centre
Mandurah Primary School
Kambalda Primary School
Kalamunda Education Support Centre
Fremantle Language Development Centre
Assumption Catholic College
Little Scholars
Camp Australia
Kids College ELC
Penrhos Ladies College
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"The content was clear, and I like the phrases used to prompt like using the menu and toggling."
Educator 17/08/2022
"It was great when Brad gave real examples and listened to all educators’ feelings."
Educator 17/08/2022
"This training has increased my knowledge by giving me strategies to take into the workplace to deal with challenging behaviours and situations."
Educator 17/08/2022
"The Talk Less Listen More training gave me a lot to think about."
Educator 17/08/2022
"This course has changed the way I look at behaviour and has given me many more strategies."
Educator 17/08/2022
"This training has given me new practical strategies to implement with some challenging children."
Educator 17/08/2022
"I feel more prepared on how to emotion coach the children I care for."
Educator 17/08/2022
"This is the second time I have been involved in the Talk Less Listen More workshop and it is still valid."
Educator 17/08/2022
"This training has relatable information and is very usable."
Educator 17/08/2022
"I attended the Talk Less Listen More training and I feel really inspired to give it a go."
Educator 17/08/2022
"Some fantastic strategies learned. I gained a new perspective on ways to handle challenging behaviours. I would definitely recommend this course to others."
Educator 18/08/2022
"I like that this training gave new strategies and focused on the children's development and the reasons behind behaviours. A very contemporary method."
Educator 18/08/2022
"I found this training to provide relatable scenarios and practical strategies that can be adapted to a variety of settings and student needs."
Teacher 11/10/2022
"I wish I had done this professional development when I first started teaching!"
Teacher 11/10/2022
"Easy language to understand with just the right amount of science and research-based evidence. Practical and relatable examples. It’s easy to see how it can work in school."
Teacher 10/10/2022
"This course makes you stop, think and evaluate the way you manage student behaviour. It can also help alleviate a lot of the ‘nagging/blah blah’ that teachers get caught up in."
Teacher 10/10/2022
"I loved the simple steps in the menu and the empathy: name it, validate it steps to the emotion coaching."
Teacher 10/10/2022
"Very moving training. I loved learning how to manage the 1-2-3 steps for ourselves, the students and the community."
Teacher 10/10/2022
"Great behaviour management tool for staff and students. Great that parents can use this too and a whole school approach could see everyone speaking the same language."
Teacher 10/10/2022
"Brad’s examples of student behaviours were hilarious! The real-life examples, kept people engaged. A very clear model and grey area questions were answered well."
Teacher 10/10/2022
"This training provided very easy-to-implement strategies and is great for whole school approach to develop emotional intelligence."
Teacher 10/10/2022
"WOW! An easy to implement strategy that saves time and solves issues quickly and effectively while addressing the emotional needs of the students. Thank you."
Teacher 10/10/2022
" 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching is a precise, logical approach to helping our little ones understand their feelings and acceptable behaviour. It simply makes sense."
Parent 08/06/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"I am now a strong believer that to achieve an emotional strong child, you need to be onboard and consistent with 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching."
Parent 08/06/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching is just BRILLIANT information!"
Parent 29/06/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"It’s great to have a system that WORKS at home, and is inline with our school's behaviour management"
Parent 28/06/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"This course made me feel more confident. My questions were answered and solved the problems I had. This tied in really well with the Fathering 101 workshop."
Parent 02/07/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"I'm surprised at how quickly the 123 has helped Mr5 and myself. Highly recommended any parent to give it a go. Thank you for changing our lives for the better."
Parent 30/06/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"I think the counting method will be very helpful, I had my reservations about it until I attended the course. Now I'm excited to give it a go."
Parent 01/07/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"Everything was covered, questions were answered. Great for people with social anxiety, you could interact or just sit back and listen. Very happy, thank you."
Parent 30/06/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"This course gave me a perspective I wasn’t aware of. I found myself guilty of treating my child like a mini adult and over reasoning. I find the counting strategy is very effective."
Parent 22/09/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"Overall, it was very thought provoking. I have been a parent for over 25 years now (4 kids of various ages) and I definitely learned some new things in this course!"
Parent 23/09/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"I have learnt to let my children know I understand their frustrations, and they know I am listening to them, so we don't end up yelling anymore, it's been really helpful."
Parent 12/10/2022 1-2-3 Magic & EC
"1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching is interesting and provides thought provoking content backed up by solid research."
Parent 23/09/2022