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Fathering 101 Parent Course

1 x 2 hr session
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Men are more involved in parenting than ever before, but with so much information it can be hard to know how to do it with confidence. A workshop delivered by a dad for dads!


  • Old school vs new school fathering
  • Developing self-regulation in kids
  • Why set limits and boundaries?
  • Dads can be great teachers
  • Is it too much to expect, that parents be 'on the same page'?
  • What role do consequences play?
  • Positive re-enforcement v bribery
  • Strengthening relationships

‘In House’ Private Courses SAVE $:

Get a group together and book a course at your venue or ours. A very popular choice with playgroups, schools, families, community organisations…. they can be tailored to age groups and range from 6-40 participants.

Discounts available

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