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Anxiety Coach for Parents (Webinar)

Held over 3 x 1hr&45m sessions
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Providing parents with the skills to reduce anxiety and build resilience in 2 -12 year old’s

Live and interactive webinar held over 3x 2h sessions

Cost: $195 pp or $360 for 2 registrations.

Anxiety is far more prevalent in today's society. But are we just worrying too much these day? What actually is anxiety? How and why does it impact our children? Isn't worrying just for adults? What can we do to help an anxious child?

This course provides parents with a solid understanding of anxiety and the role it plays in our lives and the lives of our children. It will equip you with practical responses that you can use to help reduce anxiety and build resilience in your 2-12 year olds.

Confidently lead your child through the "ups and downs" of daily life, by learning how to reduce anxiety and build resilience.

Parents will learn:

  • How anxiety operates in the brain.
  • Where fear and anxiety originates and how they differ.
  • How loved ones can inadvertently influence the reoccurrence of anxiety.
  • How to build resilience and reduce anxious symptoms.
  • Practical strategies to use in moments of anxiety.
  • Lifestyle influences that can help improve anxiety.

This course provides reliable, research-based, scientific information on how to help a child with anxiety.

‘In House’ Private Courses SAVE $:

Get a group together and book a course at your venue or ours. A very popular choice with playgroups, schools, families, community organisations…. they can be tailored to age groups and range from 6-40 participants.

Discounts available

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